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Menu du jour
"Menu du Jour" is available on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00. During lunch at Brasserie Most you can get acquainted with everyday dishes from different regions of France.
Salads and starters

Nicoise salad with roasted tuna

Olivier salad with beef and a perfect egg

Caesar with farm chicken

Fresh vegetable salad

Pork terrine

Cheese soup

Provencal soup

Green asparagus cream soup
Main course

White fish fillet with spinach, mushrooms and tomato sauce

Beef brisket roll with Vegetable bulgur

Homemade pork sausage with braised cabbage

Crispy barbajans with greens

Homemade chicken sausage with stewed carrots and curry sauce

Lime tartar with tarragon

Strawberry Souffle Glaze

Nougat Glace

Curd mousse with sesame and creme brulee with passion fruit
Set of 2 dishes: 690 ₽

Set of 3 dishes: 990 ₽

Set of 4 dishes: 1290 ₽

Homemade fresh fruit drink

Wine by the glassin addition to the set - 490 ₽

White wine: Sauvignon. Bordeaux 2013
Red wine: La Crois du Pin. Merlot. Bordeaux 2016
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