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Cocktail menu
The cocktail menu contains twelve creative cocktails and five cocktails of reborn classics. The new menu is the best proof of the theory about the enogastronomism of cocktails: correctly mixed alcoholic mixes with active use of seasonal ingredients and homemade liquors and cordial in the recipe are excellent not only by themselves, but also in combination with food.
Gin, Maraschino, Mandarin, Pear, Riesling Foam, Aroma Oil

Mad Frog
Bourbon, Amaro, Fernet Branca, Mint Jelly, Pomelo

Calvados, Roasted green tea, Chestnut, Lemon, Honey, Matcha

Post pigeon
Plum on Smoked Game, Spicy Cowberry Cordial, Cilantro, Ginger, Brynza

Armagnac on pecan nuts, Sherry oloroso, Pear syrup, Orange bitter

Mushroom Syndrome
Tequila, Chili-Anise Syrup, Mango, Lime, Boletus Foam

Gin, Pink Vermouth, Fennel Apple Sorbet, Eucalyptus Syrup

My Blueberry Nights
Fruit brandy on thin beans, Blueberry sage Cordial
800 ₽

600 ₽

800 ₽

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900 ₽
Our creations
Orleans Maiden
Dark Rum, Pineapple, Yellow Chartreuse, Sage, Lemon

Cachaca, White vermouth, Avocado, Pistachio ice cream, Matcha

Jacques Chirac
French vodka on propolis, Limoncello, Pineapple, Basil
Classics. Reborn.
Mimosa under the roadway
Orange Mint Cordial, White French Vermouth, Sparkling Wine

Chocolate Truffle Boulevardier
Bourbon on truffles, Campari on cocoa beans, Vermouth

Honey Negroni
Gin, Campari, Herb Vermouth, Honey, Black Pepper

Grand bijou
Gin on baked pineapple, Vermouth on French herbs, Chartreuse

Blood and sand №2
Bourbon, Cherry rataphia, Orange Mint Cordial, Bitter
650 ₽

650 ₽

600 ₽

650 ₽

600 ₽

600 ₽

750 ₽

650 ₽
Warming beverages
With the onset of cold weather, the bar list was updated and new items appeared in the section of warming drinks and teas. Berries with spices - they will warm the body and soul, charge with vitamins, disperse the blues.
"Hot berry" is a heartfelt greetings from the summer: raspberries and strawberries are combined in a transparent teapot with cranberries and honey, and the badyan, cloves and cinnamon will support the cozy mood.
Rosehip brewed with fresh rosemary, honey and orange, guaranteeing a loading dose of vitamin C.
The Sagan-Dayl high-mountain tea, brewed with fresh taiga lingonberries and honey, will instantly restore strength and restore courage of the spirit with its exceptional healing and toning properties.
The lemonades are soda-based and made using natural berries, fruits and herbs. You can order in portions and in the carafe: "Blueberry with sage", "Mango-Passion fruit", "Estragon", "Kiwi-Cucumber", "Strawberry-Basil", "Mint-citrus" with red orange pulp. Lovers of cold teas will be offered two drinks: green tea with lemon juice, pineapple, thyme and lemongrass and Assam with mint, orange zest, lemon juice and raspberry syrup.
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